Is the Human Race Really That Much Grumpier and Short Tempered?

As life becomes more hectic with each passing day, and the hours in the day just don’t seem to be enough anymore, moods begin to change, patience wears thin and in general people become too selfish and self-centered to even begin to worry about the feelings or thoughts of others.

I often find myself becoming just like one of these people I am speaking of. Once so placid and patient, I could take so much before reaching snapping point. These days as daily stresses begin to mount and I have to juggle work and home life without the help of a spouse, I find myself snapping for the slightest thing.

One day not so long ago, I turned into something I never thought I could. I snapped and lashed out at a fellow employee for no reason at all. Any other time I would have let it pass over me like a wave but not that day. Things had been going wrong all morning and it all just became too much to bear. This particular young lady simply asked me for some clarification and I lashed out at her with words and actions that cannot be excused. After my outburst I felt so ashamed of how I had acted, all the apologies I could give were not enough. I felt they could never make up for what I had done. I embarrassed this young lady in front of the entire team and that was inexcusable.

From that moment I knew I had to take drastic measures. I had to get rid of the monster growing inside me, revert back to the patient, understanding person that everybody loved. I was always the one that people came to for help but now they seemed to hide in fear.

I took the step and enrolled myself for one of those online anger management courses you can find on the web. I followed each step with vigor and took each lesson it taught me. Today I am so grateful that I did. I am no longer the monster I once feared, I am the one that everybody comes to for guidance and advice. I am the good, wholesome person who I once was. Yes, I still lose my temper when the situation warrants it, but then again who doesn’t. I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t.